SensoSCAN S340

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Wearable, Accurate Wellness Monitor

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Oxygen Level
  • Respiration Rate

Real-time Remote Wellness Monitoring

For the first time, your most important health signs can be accurately measured, stored and reported remotely all from one device.  Readings are sent to your smartphone or I-Phone using the Sensogram app. The data is uploaded to the cloud and to your computer or pad in a HIPPA compliant system.  On a real-time basis, you and your caregivers can receive alerts. Plus, a complete history is available anytime for review.

Convenient, Easy to Use

Replace your blood pressure cuff and your pulse oximeter with the only all in one wearable wellness monitor.

  • Simple, painless, and easy to use
  • No cumbersome blood pressure cuff
  • No need for a box full of wires and cables
  • Small size case is easy to carry in a purse 
  • Slip on your finger, press a button, and login

Just slip it on your finger, sync your Android or I-Phone, and within seconds it will give you all 4 key readings. SensoSCAN keeps track of your health status. It is individually calibrated to your readings. You set your acceptable ranges for blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and blood oxygen level. SensoSCAN will send alerts when readings are out of your range.


The SensoSCAN has been rigorously tested for accuracy.  Sensogram Technologies has several patents applied for continuously monitoring blood pressure and other values. SensoSCAN is made in Switzerland.

SensoSCAN Package

SensoSCAN comes with a small, handy, portable case to store the device. It is easily charged from your computer. The Sensogram app is available for download free from the Apple Store or Google Store. Find the operating instructions and video here.


We ship the SensoSCAN within the continental United States via UPS ground.  Call us for expedited shipping. SensoSCAN has a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.

SensoSCAN is a wellness monitoring device. Not for clinical diagnostic use. 

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