CREO Mobile First Wellness Platform

CREO Mobile First Wellness Platform

Posted by Joe Kirkland on Aug 27th 2018

You built the practice on a fee for service model. All your infrastructure and systems were created in that environment.

Now the game is changing.

Value based healthcare with the merit based incentive system and alternative payment models twists tight. It may take years for your practice to fully adapt. Meanwhile, your revenue is shrinking.

We can help.

With CREO wellness, we involve all patients in their own care, not just the chronically ill. We take the burden off your support staff and extend your reach, almost as though you were following a patient around. It’s a form of “plug and play.” Plug in CREO and your MIPS score rises.

And your practice revenue.

CREO combines patient care coaching with an artificial intelligence application. The CREO app learns the behavior of your patient while creating a health management feedback loop. Patients get instant updates on their vital signs, exercise recommendations and suggestions for their diet. It’s a new game: personal healthcare management.

And SensoSCAN wellness monitor is a great fit for remote patient monitoring services such as CREO.

Let us show you how easy it is to plug in CREO and untwist yourself.   CREO is a partner of TeleMedical Partners and can be found at Allow us to introduce the program to you and your staff. Call us at 800-940-7113.